Temporary Staffing provides a company with flexibility – mainly with regard to number of employees. This in turn translates to flexibility in terms of projects that can be taken on, at a time, and the expertise that can be made use of. At ER Consulting we provide Temporary Staffing services to companies that do not have the necessary manpower to execute projects. As and when in need of such services the companies can source resources from our elaborate network.

ER Consulting also provides Total Employee Management services. It is a cost-effective solution for establishments that do not have a Human Resources team to take care of the usual HR requirements. We will actually be working as the HR team of the company we provide the service to.

We shall be taking care of activities such as employee initiation, policies, claims and grievances. The company will still be totally in charge, except for us taking care of the tedious tasks. This will provide the company the freedom to make best use of its resources for more of client related work. With our pool of temporary staff comprising a wide variety, we can provide you a team that best meets requirements. And these requirements could be for a very short time or for an extended period, depending again on requirement.

Employee Leasing:
In our Employee Leasing services, we transfer an employee from a company onto our Employee Leasing payroll. We then, lease them back to the company as needed on temporary basis.

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