Permanent Staffing is where we source an employee to be taken onto a company payroll. The process starts at the requirement gathering stage. We understand the requirements of the company and conduct a search. When we identify eligible candidates, we project the company to them and get them to apply to the recruitment process that the company prescribes. Having a good knowledge of requirements helps identify the right individual or team, thus reducing to a large extent the time and resources taken up in interviewing an ineligible candidate. This guarantees a fast turn around time and a very high rate of successful recruitment.

We have people spread across the country, at our various branches. This is a necessity to cater to the huge and varied technology market we cater to. Our teams take care of everything – from campus recruitments to lateral placements. We have successfully managed to serve Start Ups as well as well-established companies in our work till now.

Our client base for Permanent Staffing includes a host of Multinational Companies. These have been from the field of Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Communication Software, Semi-Conductor and Mobile Application. And each of these has been well served by the staffing provided by ER Consulting.

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